Lizenzfreie Klassische Musik bei HDCLASSICALMUSIC.COM

Here you can download hundreds of royalty free classical music pieces, available in up to lossless audio CD quality. Royalty free means that you do not have to pay royalties or license fees for each individual use of a copyrighted work.

We do not put any limit on the number of uses of a work from our website, nor do you have to pay any fee in order to use our music. You need however to pay careful attention to the license under which the classical music piece has been published on our website. Some of the licenses allow for any kind of usage (e.g. public domain license) whereas others are more restrictive and could for example allow only for non-commercial usage (such as a creative commons non-commercial license). If you are unsure about whether your intended use is allowed by the pieces’ license, you should always contact the original publisher of the work (listed on our website for each individual piece as “Source”).

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